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Taking a vacation allows you and your family to lay back and relax. For every individual, whether an adult or a kid, vacations are very crucial. Not only they relax and refresh the mind, but also maintains the balance between mind and the body. Above all, vacations give you loads of happy memories to cherish a lifetime. Along with a comfortable stay, TAG Resorts also helps you to get indulge in some adventurous activities that let you come closer to your family. Come to indulge in different outdoor activities and fill yourself with adventures and experiences.


What could be more exciting than flying like a bird in the clear blue sky? With the highly trained professionals, you don’t have to worry about the safety. You don’t need any experience or knowledge, just a desire to fly.

Sightseeing Tour

What’s more relaxing than a mountainous view? Do you know that only in Bhimtal there are around 400+ resident and migratory birds, 500+ species of butterflies and around 20 species of mammals?

Along with that, Ranikhet also consists of a large variety of animal and birds species that can amaze any visitor.

Village Walk

To experience the generosity of the local people, spare some time for a village walk. Take a walk along the streets of a mountain village in with the resort guide and experience the way of life in the hills.

Water Sports

Have you experienced the feeling of paddling across the largest lake in Kumaon? Not yet! Well, TAG Vacation Club will help you to experience this wonderful feeling. Leave your fear behind, and indulge in different water sports like kayaking, boating, river-crossing etc and enjoy the frequent cool breezes and let go all your tensions.


Polish your golf skills in one of the highest golf courses in Asia. It is just 6km away from Ranikhet. Compete with your family and friends in this nine-hole golf course, and strengthen the bond with your family over the magnificent views of pine and deodar covered hills.

Indoor Games

Make your holidays more happening by indulging in some indoor games at the resort’s activity area situated at a 100m trek from the resort. Play carom, chess, and badminton with your kids, and relive your childhood.