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Benefits of taking a Vacation

Helps you to burst out the stress

Breaking a monotonous routine can help to relieve stress, and we need vacations for what they offer us — without any future tensions living in the moment and enjoying without doing anything.

Digital Detox

Everyone needs to unplug every so often, simple as that. People need to get digitally free, taking time off and shutting everything down. When we’re relaxed, rested, and unplugged, we’ll return feeling better.

Help you get closer to your family

Getting away from day-to-day stresses help families to connect, even the research shows that those experiencing adventures together can promote a closeness and positive ties that last far after the vacation ends.

Makes you happier

A vacation can literally turn a person’s life around and make them feel alive again. Far from all the worries and tensions, a person can fully cherish his special moments with his/her loved ones.

Makes you smarter at work

A good unplugged vacation really is effective in refreshing you from inside and will allow you to make a better life and work decisions.

Try Vacation Ownership

You often invest to assure a comfortable and safe life for your family and self. Investment for a house, for a car, for your child’s future, for your future, but have you ever considered investing for something that brings your family together, or investing for something that you can cherish lifelong. We know that everyone loves to travel and wants to spend his/her time with their family but with so many household demands and rising costs, travelling often becomes difficult. Fortunately, this problem of frequently rising costs can be easily tackled by owing Vacation Ownership Membership these days.

With these membership plans, you can frequently travel with your family to exotic destinations without worrying about your budget. As a Member, you can save on accommodations for future TAG Vacation Club with Membership options to fit your family’s travel style and budget. And year after year, you can enjoy magical vacations that enable you to relax, recharge and reconnect with those who matter most.

Advantages of Vacation Ownership?

Guaranteed Vacation Time

Through Vacation Ownership, you can invest in your well-being and happiness by ensuring regular vacation time year after year. Investing in Vacation Ownership is investing in health, happiness, and relationships.


Vacation Ownership provides a better, more affordable way to vacation. Instead of spending a lot of money on a tiny hotel room, you can easily purchase according to your preferences, giving you access to a higher level of luxurious accommodations at a fraction of the price.


Take a quick, spontaneous weekend trip or any much needed time to just get away from it all. Relax at your Home Resort or experience something new and exciting at another resort property.

Variety and Exchange

With Vacation Ownership, you can access beautiful resort properties that span white-sand beaches, scenic mountain vistas, exhilarating cities, and many sought-after destinations – a vacation experience truly exists for everyone!

High-Quality Service

Our resorts are professionally managed and maintained, so you know you can expect consistent high-quality standards of hospitality and service.

With so many advantages associated with TAG Vacation Club Ownership Membership Plan, what are you waiting for? Come and join our family for the lifelong happiness. Fill one simple form below and bring yourself one step closer to experience the all new way of holidaying!

What is the difference in normal vacations and vacations with ownership plan?
For how long my Membership will be valid?
Am I entitled to all the facilities of a Resort through my membership plan?
What are the payments methods to buy TAG Vacation Ownership Plan?
What type of accommodations i will get by this plan?
What is the difference in normal vacations and vacations with ownership plan?

Owning a Vacation ownership membership works in different way. If you are a part of TAG Vacation Ownership Plan, then you don’t have to worry about the rising costs. Owning a TAG Vacation Ownership Membership plan means that you have already paid for your holidays upfront for an agreed period of time.

For how long my Membership will be valid?

It solely depends on you. We have a number of plans for you to choose from, depending on your budget, destination and choice of season. All you are required to do is decide till what time you want to be the member of our TAG Vacation Club.

Am I entitled to all the facilities of a Resort through my membership plan?

Of course you are. All the services unless otherwise specified are open to you.

What are the payments methods to buy TAG Vacation Ownership Plan?

There are two modes of payment that is

  • On-time payment( via cheque, draft, credit/debit card or cash)
  • EMI options
What type of accommodations i will get by this plan?

Your accommodations will be based on your selection of the plan. We have a lot of plans ready for you, with different rooms and facilities. It is up to you to decide what facilities you want.

Want to Become a Member ?

Interested in owning a TAG Vacation Ownership Membership? Sure you are! It is your precious investment for a memorable and affordable vacation. Don’t waste another second fill one easy from. Fill in all your details and speak to our holiday expert to learn more.